Discounted Car Insurance Prices

Discounted Car Insurance Prices

Today there are all kinds of discounts in auto insurance. They are great for helping consumer to keep their premiums low. It is amazing that how many people simply will not take the time to find them out and take advantage of them. They are always there for the taking.

There are many different kinds of discounts such as-

(1). Good Student Discounts – If a student maintains good grades insurance companies reward them with discount rates. This is based on their belief that students who consistently make good grades will not only be smarter and make better decisions, but they will be studying more than driving. This lowers their risk for being involved in an accident.

(2). Group Discounts – This type of discount works similar to group insurance for many factories or companies where people work. Consumers can be members of an organization and get a group discount. They could be part of a credit union or some other group where these types of discounts are awarded. Not all insurance companies participate in these types of discount but many do.

(3). Financial Stability Discounts – You might have to do some searching to locate an insurance company that participates in these discounts. If you can find one they are a great help in lowering the premiums for policy holders. These discounts are awarded by providers to consumers who maintain good credit scores.

(4). Theft & Safety Devices – It is common practice for insurance companies today to offer discounts for safety devices and anti-theft equipment installed on cars. They like these precautions because it cuts down on the number of claims that are likely to be filed. That makes these devices a very good investment for car owners. They will eventually save more than enough on premiums for their one-time investment.

(5). Multi-Car Discounts – A consumer can save a significant amount on premiums with multiple-car discounts. It a person owns two or more vehicles that are placed under the same policy the premiums will be lower when compared to obtaining separate coverage on each vehicle individually.

(6). Defensive Driving Discount – Once drivers have left the ‘inexperienced’ demographic (after about 3 years) they will see their car insurance rates go down. It goes in the opposite direction for drivers over age 55 because they become more of a risk. However, these drivers can take a defensive driving course and have their premiums lowered by as much as 10% on a Defensive Driving Discount.

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